Surveying and Sampling of Asbestos in Buildings - IP402


This course equips the participants with the knowledge to correctly take asbestos samples from buildings, what to look for, the correct surveying strategy, documentation required and tools, equipment , asbestos registers, and regulations and legislation which effects the PCBU (person conducting business undertakings.


  • Have a clear understanding of the requirements relating to safe management of asbestos in buildings and be able to communicate appropriately with colleagues and clients.
  • Be able to describe the uses of asbestos in buildings and the public health risk these might pose and understand the principles of and requirements for asbestos surveys.
  • Understand the risk assessment and risk management strategies and their role in reducing health risks.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of the approved methods for sampling of bulk asbestos along with the situations where segregation may be required
  • Have a good understanding of suitable PPE/RPE to be used and the methods for personal decontamination.

The learning never stops


  • Introduction and Legislative Requirements

    • Legislative Requirements


  • Asbestos in Buildings

    • Types and Uses of Asbestos in Buildings
    • Surveys of Asbestos Containing Materials in Buildings


  • Risk Assessments and Management of Asbestos

    • Risk Assessment of Asbestos Containing Materials in Buildings
    • Management of Asbestos Containing Materials in Buildings


  • Bulk Sampling and Personal Decontamination

    • Using Safety guidance
    • Quality and quantity of information
    • Sampling strategies
    • Face fit testing
    • Transit and decontamination procedures


  • Practical Work 

  • Comprehensive course notes 
  • Light lunch is provided for classroom courses
  • Internationally recognized certificate

Gain more knowledge about Asbestos. Especially for anyone with an interest in surveying buildings with asbestos as part of their work and does not have a recognized asbestos surveying qualification.

Delegates should have a basic knowledge of asbestos surveying principles. 

Successful delegates will receive an internationally recognized certificate of Asbestos Surveying and Sampling from British Occupational Hygiene Society.

South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique Botswana & Namibia

Course Status: Available

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