Construction Regulations Course


This training course is designed to be highly interactive and practical oriented.

Course Standards

2014 Construction Regulation

The learning never stops


  • Definitions
  • Scope of application
  • Overview of the 2014 Construction Regulations
  • Application for construction work permit
  • Notification of construction work
  • Duties of client and the duties of designer
  • Duties of principal contractor and contractor
  • Management and supervision of construction work 
  • Risk assessment for construction work
  • Fall protection
  • Structures
  • Temporary works 
  • Excavation
  • Demolition work 
  • Tunneling 
  • Scaffolding 
  • Suspended platforms 
  • Rope Access Work 
  • Material hoists 
  • Bulk mixing plant 
  • Explosive actuated fastening device 
  • Rope Access Work 
  • Construction vehicles and mobile plant 
  • Electrical installations and machinery on construction sites 
  • Use and temporary storage of flammable liquids on construction sites 
  • Water environments 
  • Housekeeping and general safeguarding on construction sites 
  • Stacking and storage on construction sites 
  • Fire precautions on construction sites 
  • Construction employees’ facilities 
  • Construction health and safety technical committee 
  • Approved Inspection Authority 
  • Offences and penalties 
  • Comprehensive course notes and illustrations.
  • Progress quizzes keep learning on track.
    An overhead slide presentation providing supplementary.
  • A learner workbook including progress quizzes.
  • Light refreshment is provided for classroom courses
  • Certificate of course completion.

At the end of this course, delegates should be:

  • Abreast of the 2014 Construction Regulations and best practices.


It is desirable for learners wishing to achieve this unit standard to be competent at

  • Communication at ABET level 3 or equivalent
  • Mathematical Literacy at ABET Level 3 or equivalent   

As a short course: Successful delegates will receive a Certificate of course completion.


South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique Botswana & Namibia

Course Status: Available

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